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LIDA Regular FAQ’S

Hi! I have already tried Lida Capsules for 30 days and I have to say that the results are amazing!. Shall I gain weight after discontinuing Lida? i also take contraceptive pills.

It is recommended that every user should use one extra box of Lida (a 30 day course) after desired results are achieved , and should discontinue the Capsules as follows.

In the first week one capsule a day, and from second week one capsule alternate days

If the product is discontinued in this manner, reocurrence of fat reserves will be prevented. The users, who use Lida Capsule in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer’s regarding use and discontinuation , reocurrence of lost weight within the first year is not observed.

Pls note :-Do not use other medicines while taking LIDA

I have been taking the pills for about five days now, the first day I was very thirsty and also could not sleep but I felt energetic , the second day I was feeling a bit dizzy or light headed. Have you heard of anyone else having all these symptoms? i have lost 2 kg in 5 days. what do you suggest ?

It's very normal to feel thirsty at the beginning, because the increase of Nor epinephrine will reduce the function of acetylcholine, and reduce the excretion of saliva. So, if not provided with abundant water, it will lead to excessive thirst, then difficulty in bowel movement. Also, satiety caused by the functional herbs reduces appetite, which might lead to constipation. It is highly recommended to drink more water, and eat more fruits & vegetables.

Hello Lida !!! I hope all is well. I understand that I am not suppose to take any other medications while taking Lida??? Should I stop my present medications several days before I begin taking Lida? I Have used other Ayurvedic weight loss supplements,but they never informed to stop other medications. Then why its so with lida?

We strongly recommend, use Lida or any other slimming products only if you are perfectly healthy. But it also depends on what kind of medications have been recommended to you and for what reasons. Generally we suggest a gap of 6-8 hours between your medicines and lida but as mentioned earlier this mainly depends on the medicines and reasons for which you have been prescribed the medications, for more details please speak to our customer care nos. LIDA is a herbal medicine and its ingredients are 100% natural extracts. Some herbal ingredients may react with your prescribed or over the counter medicines. So as a precaution please consult with our customer care executives.

While a women is using Lida , will she be able to conceive ? Does this medicine effect the sperm count of men ?

You can prepare for pregnancy 2-3 months after stopping the pills. It will not affect men's sperm count.Many lida users are parents of healthy kids now.


Do I need to eat certain food or restrict what I eat?
No you do not have to restrict what you eat. The amazing thing about LIDA lite is they block fat from entering the body from the food you eat, and work to eliminate stored fat.

Do I have to exercise?
Exercise is not required to lose weight when taking LIDA lite. Exercise is beneficial for many reasons, but you will still lose weight if you are not currently exercising.

Will I have constant bowel movements?
No, you will not have constant bowel movements. Your movements will be easier and you will see oil/grease in the toilet.

Can everyone take LIDA lite?
No, they are not suitable for pregnant, breastfeeding women, children, elderly. People with any medical condition should consult your doctor prior to use.